Changes to the list of Statements of Principles, June 2020

On 24 June 2020 changes were made to the list of Australian Statements of Principles that apply in New Zealand. The Statements of Principles are a tool to determine if an injury, illness or death is service-related.

Statements of Principles

Gazette notice number 2020-gs2768 amended the Statements of Principles for:

  • diverticular disease of the colon
  • ganglion (reasonable hypothesis version only)
  • intervertebral disc prolapse
  • osteoarthritis
  • temporomandibular disorder
  • ulnar neuropathy at the elbow

For more information on the amendments to this Statement of Principles, see the New Zealand Gazette Notice.
Gazette notice number 2020-gs2768(external link)


25 June 2020